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Noodle Planter Print by Life Wife Press

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We're thrilled to be offering pins from our pals Vicky and Annie over at Life Wife Press, a new line created by friends who bonded in a printmaking class and have stayed tighter than tight over the years.

"Life Wife Press came out of our crazy, weird, super supportive friendship Vicky and I have. I know other women out there have this kind of bond with a lady in their life—this goofy sort of platonic friendship where you know you’re just gonna stay friends for the rest of your lives."

This supercute plant pin features geometric details, sort of the dream potted plant that you never have to leave and won't die on you.

Hard enamel pin (lavender, green, lighter green, white.) Polished copper accent. Measures approximately 1 x 1 1/4 inches. Each pin comes with a backer card and butterfly clutch closure